S.E. Burks Sales Company proudly represents and distributes commercial and industrial heating HVAC equipment for the following manufacturers listed alphabetically.

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Armstrong PumpsS. A. Armstrong Limited – Manufacturer of quality products such as Commercial Pumps, Controls, CBVs, FTVs & Suction Guides, Domestic & Waste Water, Design Envelope, Heat Exchangers, Residential & Light Commercial Hydronics, Air & Expansion Control, HVAC Packages, Project Services, Fire Pumps, and Legacy Products. Learn more about  Armstrong on our Projects page.

BurnhamBurnham Commercial Boilers – Manufacturer of Wetback Scotch Boilers; Packaged Fire Tube Boilers; Forced Draft Firebox; Low NOx Boilers; and Shock Proof Boilers. Learn more about Burnham Commercial Boilers on our Projects page.

CarlinCarlin Combustion – Manufacturer of Residential / Commercial Gas & Oil Burners and EZGas Pro Universal Conversion Burner. Learn more about Carlin Combustion on our Projects page.

https://www.climatemaster.com/images/18.274be999165850ccd5b332c/1535543808900/climatemaster-header-logo-no-tagline-mobile@2x.gifClimate Master has been developing and producing the industry’s most innovative and energy efficient heating and cooling system with forced air (Water-to-Air) heat pumps, vertical stack units, dedicated outside air units, and many more.

Columbia Boiler CompanyColumbia Boiler Company – Manufacturer of Dual Fuel Boilers; Steam Boilers; and Condensate Return Systems. Learn more about Columbia Boiler on our Projects page.

 heatSpongeHeat Sponge – Manufacturer of Stack Economizers and Heat Sponge Sidekick. Learn more about Heat Sponge on our Projects page.

Highland TankHighland Tank – Manufacturer of Bulk Storage Tanks—Fuel and Water. Learn more about Highland Tank on our Projects page.

Hydrolevel-logoHydrolevel – Manufacturer of Controls For Residential and Commercial Boilers.

Learn more about Hydrolevel on our Projects page.

Lochinvar – Manufacturer of Gas Fired Heating Systems; Copper Finned Water Heaters and Boilers; ASME Tanks; Storage Type Heaters; Electric Boilers/Heaters; High Efficiency Condensing Boilers up to 6 MBH; and High Efficiency Condensing Water Heaters up to 4.0 MBH. Learn more about Lochinvar on our Projects page.

MepcoMepco – Manufacturer of Steam Traps and Condensate/Boiler Feed/Vacuum/Pressure Powered Pumps. Learn more about MEPCO on our Projects page.

shipcoShipco Pumps – Manufacturer of Condensate and Boiler Feed Pumps; Turbine Pumps/Vacuum Pumps; and Deaerators. Learn more about Shipco Pumps on our Projects page.

southeastern_hoseSoutheastern Hose – Manufacturer of Metal/Rubber Flexible Connectors and Expansion Joints. Learn more about Southeastern Hose on our Projects page.

ToppTopp Industries – Manufacturer of Polyethylene Basins and Fiberglass Basins. Learn more about Topp Industries on our Projects page.

Webster EngineeringWebster Combustion can provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to all of your burner needs. Webster’s proven designs offer multiple fuel flexibility, high efficiency, low emissions, and high turndown burner for new applications or retro-fit of existing installations.

WeilWeil-McLain – Manufacturer of Cast Iron Sectional Boilers—All Fuels; Residential & Commercial Boilers; Multiple Boiler & Energy Management; and High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers Ranging Up To 2.0 MBH. Learn more about Weil-McLain on our Projects page.

Weil-PumpWeil Pump – Manufacturer of Sewage Pumps, Grinder Pumps, and Condensate Pumps. Learn more about Weil Pump on our Projects page.

WeissWeiss Instruments – Manufacturer of Digital/Industrial Thermometers and Pressure Gauges. Learn more about Weiss Instruments on our Projects page.

WesselsWessels Company – Manufacturer of Expansion Tanks, Flash Tanks, Blowdown Tanks, Separator Tanks, and Glycol Make-Up Packages. Learn more about Wessels Company on our Projects page.