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S.E. Burks Sales Company

Middlesex Regional Jail

Project Location: Saluda, Virginia

Mechanical Contractor: RS Harritan

Equipment Supplied For The Project:


  • Qty: 2 – FBN3000
  • Qty: 2 – GVG750


  • Qty: 2 – E33.2
Project Summary:

This project was completed in the winter of 2014, and the project consisted of removing an old fire-tube boiler and an old tank type water heater. In place of the old boiler, the facility went with (Qty: 2) Lochinvar Crest 3,000,000 BTU high efficiency, condensing boilers with the ability of 20:1 modulation. The facility also decided not to go back with the conventional power burner, tank-type water heater, instead they were supplied with (Qty: 2) 750 gallon hot water generators with double-walled heat exchangers to provide hot water for the showers, laundry, and kitchen. Being that the boilers will provide hot water all year long (for heating during the fall & winter seasons and for dehumidification during the spring & summer seasons), the tanks will use the boiler loop water to provide heat transfer thru the tank’s heat exchangers by energizing (Qty: 2) Armstrong Pump circulator pumps.

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